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Frankie Pepper

"Healing Hearts ~ Changing Lives"

Frankie Pepper is an Agent of Change with over eight years’ experience in hosting unconditional loving groups and coaching clients in the Phoenix area. But she didn't start there.

Frankie has a degree in Interior Design, has achieved the level of Master/Wizard in Avatar, an international human behavior institute, trained with Deepak Chopra, Sarah McLean and others in meditation techniques, she is a spiritual practitioner in Science of Mind, a Christian Religion, and is in the process of establishing a Loving Groups community in Grand Rapids Michigan.

In her past life she spent over 26 years as Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees at Grand Rapids Community College. In her leadership role, she was involved in establishing several programs related to diversity among student, staff, and community. She was instrumental in opening the Diversity Learning Center and establishing the Salute to Women program.

If you would like more information about Frankie, please check out her website at www.frankiepepper.com


Grand Rapids, MO

Frankie is one of the angels in my life. When I think of her I feel the sweet inner smile of being loved and supported. For many weeks she was there for me every morning, as I drove to work, fighting back my despair and depression as I faced my day. What enormous loyalty and commitment! She taught me that someone cared enough to be there for me that consistently. Also, her wisdom and experience in the corporate world helped prep me for many meetings with uninspired and unsympathetic vice presidents, and got me through to the other side of a difficult transition in my career. There are few people in my life that I owe more thanks, and I am forever grateful.

~Karla Birkson – Phoenix, AZ