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Love Offerings, Tithes, Support, Donations


Donations, Tithing, Love Offerings, etc.

After many requests, we have created a button for donations.  We have people who wish to tithe to Loving Groups as their way of giving back.  While at first this caught us off guard, we are more accepting of this as it helps us reach more people.  We have also had request for a place where attendees to “Love Offering” events can donate when they do not have cash with them.  There have been requests to be able to sponsor or “scholarship” Loving Groups for various programs to help them in their businesses.  If this is your desire, please use the note section to specify this.  If you have a specific person you would like to scholarship, please include their name.

Loving Groups is also looking for support in expanding what we do in amazing ways.  Right now to go to the next level we are building capital to fund many things including:  starting our Non-profit and acquiring the next Loving Groups home and adding additional staff member to help handle larger volumes of Meetups we will be starting and travel to get those cities started.


So, here it is!  You can use this button for Love Offerings, Tithing, and general support.