Loving Groups

Building conscious loving relationships, family, and community!

Phone Call List 

Loving Groups Hosts

Phoenix Hosts 

Alexis Katafiasz (HIT) 480-313-1888 [email protected] Host In Training

Bev Plested CH 270-784-1336 [email protected] Back-up

Carl Plested CH 270-784-0582 [email protected] Back-up

David Clark, CH 602-561-0035 [email protected] Community Coordinator Host in training

David Stern CH 480-274-2848 [email protected] Tuesday Night Co-ed Tempe

David Dufault CH 480-272-4856 [email protected] Back up

Darlene Labarbera CH 623-238-1282 [email protected] Back up

Dee Psarrors (HIT) 602-486-5363 [email protected] Host-In-training

Dwayne Lynch CH 480-518-1848 [email protected] Back-up

Gerry Katafiasz CH 480-390-4303 [email protected] Back-up

Jacque Stanfield CH 480-421-8894 [email protected] Back-up

Josette Bergeron CH 713-396-6660 [email protected] Monday's Women's Group

Kris Boehler CH 623-910-5056 [email protected] Back-up

Len Jones CHLC 602-992-6251 [email protected] Wednesday Morning

*Nora Katafiasz CH 480-390-6202 [email protected] Wednesday Co-ed group

Penny Mann CH (does not take calls) 602-315-3666 [email protected] Back-up

River Pipes CH 602-418-1144 [email protected] Wednesday Evening CLF Co-ed

**Sharon Winnigham ULLC 602-405-0144 [email protected] Friday PM, Saturday AM, Sunday Afternoon

Susan Dufault ULLC 602-748-0444 [email protected] Thursday Evening Co-ed - and Tuesday Night Couples

Suzanne Ecker CHLC 480-335-1023 [email protected] Saturday Afternoon (Once a month)

Toni Bishop (HIT) 480-242-5949 [email protected] Host-In-training

Hawaii Hosts-Kona

Davina Mar ULLC 808-938-8452

John Float CH 808-896-7391

Kathy Fenzl CH 808-854-5434

Denver/Boulder Host

Tom Harry CHLC 480-349-6681 [email protected]

San Diego Hosts

Harvey Rabichow (HIT) 760-855-5180 [email protected]

Dallas Hosts

Mike Nicosia CH 214-537-0488 [email protected]

Linda Morrissey CLF 817-228-5629 [email protected]

Julie Jacob LF 817-706-6303 [email protected]

Houston Hosts

John Drew (HIT) 713-864-7464 [email protected]

Ann Devries (HIT) 713-299-6296 [email protected]

St Louis Hosts

Jim Clarke CHLC 618-477-1983 [email protected]

Laura Lynne Dyer (HIT) 314-374-9611 [email protected]

Indianapolis Hosts

Myra Hunter (HIT) 706-409-6696 [email protected]

Grand Rapids Hosts

Frankie Pepper CH 480-266-1699 [email protected]

Certified Loving Friend (CLF) Has Completed Wise Class

Rachel Katafiasz (does not take calls) 480-606-8760 [email protected]

Valentina Zeff 602-358-1765 [email protected]

Sean Bisbano 979-639-1988 [email protected]

Melissa Golladay 623-521-1409  [email protected]

Teya Lee 360-434-1177 [email protected]

Loving Friend (LF) Participates in Loving Groups

Rudi Lambrechtse 602-680-0203 [email protected]

Nikki Spencer 808-937-3013 [email protected]

Marlene Kettlinger 602-702-1827 [email protected]

Erin Peoples 808-895-4007 [email protected]

John Mortola 480-299-0098 [email protected]

Alicia Sweezer 623-670-2192 [email protected]

Dan Cook 602-274-1671 [email protected]

Kristina Kannarr 480-322-5373 [email protected]

Lynette Fenn 479-422-1375 [email protected]

Karla Birkholz 602-481-1980 [email protected]

Tina He 419-297-8240 [email protected]

Robert Labarbera 623-238-1281 [email protected]

Susan Verhault 214-334-4677 [email protected]

Todd Welch 480-433-2407 [email protected]

JJ Quinn 480-882-8385 [email protected]

Whei 480-748-1185 [email protected]

Tomas Tesky 928-713-4703 [email protected]

Sarah Wykoff 713-201-2238 [email protected]

Susan Lerner 602-403-3949 [email protected]

Julie Richardson 602-300-1730 [email protected]

Maureen Moulton 254-836-5089 [email protected]

Sheila Withey 602-502-7503 [email protected]

Cyndi Kolber 623-927-7208 [email protected]

Daniel Dror 713-725-6969 [email protected]

(ULLC) Unconditional Loving Life Coach

(CHLC) Certified Host/Life Coach are in on-going training with Sharon to be a life coach and may have done some life coaching on their own. They are not certified ULLC's yet.  They all have specializations.  Inquire directly with them.

(CH) Certifed Host  (has completed a course of study for this certification) 

*Community Admin 

**Community Director 

(HIT) Host in training

(CLF) Certified Loving Friend  (has taken classes to be certified) 

(LF) Loving Friend

I was lucky enough to find Loving Groups about 5 or 6 years ago.  I was attending Unity of Phoenix and saw it listed in their events and decided to check it out.  Lucky for me Sharon was hosting.  I remember thinking later that night that what she described during the Group didn't exist.  But, I found the groups to be loving and so helpful to me in living my life. 

Toni Bishop, CH- Tempe, AZ 

We've loved every minute of our journey...

We are an organization with the vision of inspiring people to love unconditionally. Our mission is to assist people to build a practical foundation of understanding, compassion, and healing that will lead to a new self-awareness that enables different life choices. We strive to build this foundation in individuals and communities as a whole. We desire to bring families closer together, enrich people’s lives, and ultimately make the world a better place. We hold space where you can rest your heart and have your soul replenished!

We are Love! 

Loving Groups

Building conscious relationships, family, and community.

Vision Statement

Develop conscious & loving relationships with ourselves

And the community at large

Mission Statement

We build loving community one person at a time

"“Love Awakens hearts and transforms lives"

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Frankie Pepper, CHLC