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Our Coaches- Unconditional Loving Life Coaches

Sharon Winningham, ULLC and David Clark, CHLC 

Founders and Board of Directors for Loving-Groups 

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Sharon A Winningham is an Unconditional Loving Life Coach who has a private practice teaching and coaching people from all over the world applying the life changing principles of Unconditional Love. Sharon does private one on one coaching, interventions and retreats. Sharon has been coaching, training and facilitating Loving Groups since 2005. Her practice includes personal and group sessions specializing in conflict resolution, marriage, parenting, workplace issues, depression, addictions, dating, anger, and teens. She teaches classes and workshops in all areas of relationships. Sharon is the Director/Founder of Loving-groups.com, Inc., a 501(c) 3 Corp. non-profit. An expert in the field of unconditional love, she brings years of life experience and a passion that shines through in a very direct and meaningful way. Sharon is in a course of study to become a Practitioner of Religious Science (SOM) at New Vision Center in Phoenix.

You may experience Sharon or David for 2 hours for $75.00 for an initial session.  

Call to book your initial session:  602-405-0144 

Life Coach Jim Clarke

Jim Clarke, CHLC 

is a Group Host and Life Coach in the teaching, practice and application of the life-improving principles of Unconditional Love. Jim spent much of his adult life as a television meteorologist, seemingly living the American Dream, but the tension and anxiety of his personal life was growing out of control. In the span of 5 years, he manifested two failed marriages and the loss of almost all his worldly possessions.  For several years, he blamed his wives and the world, and was miserable. Finally, he realized that the one common denominator in all his relationships was himself, and began looking for answers.  He found those answers quite by accident when he attended an event with Sharon Winningham as a guest speaker. Sharon is the Community Leader of the Loving-Groups of Arizona. Sharon told her story of failed relationships and desperate situations, until she discovered the principles of unconditional love, that turned her life from a downward spiral to an upwards one. Jim was so intrigued by the practical application and healing power of unconditional love, that he began studying everything he could about it. In 2014, Jim moved from the Midwest to Phoenix, Arizona, to learn from and participate in the Loving-Groups, where he has trained to be a group host and a Life Coach in the practice of unconditional love. The principles of unconditional love are ancient, but rarely have the principles been available in such a simple, applicable and life-healing way. Jim is dedicated to bringing more of the life-saving practices of unconditional love and Loving-Groups to individuals and communities around the globe, and particularly to his home town of St. Louis, Missouri.

Jim Clarke 618-477-1983

St. Louis, MO

Leader St. Louis, Mo

A Blending of Loving Groups and Grace & Gratitude Circles

Through the blending of Loving Groups and Grace & Gratitude Circles individuals have experienced a positive effect with the power to heal through conscious focus with unconditional loving principles and gratitude. This practice, over time, has led to influencing people to explore and implement grace and gratitude and has increased emotional intelligence (emotional responsibility), a sense of connection with self, God/Universe, and others. The practice of unconditional loving principles and grace & gratitude with consistency, willingness, and an open mind will change a person focus from, “What I don’t have” to What I have already” . The combined practice of unconditional love principles and gratitude is the practice from fear to love, staying in the present moment, and allowing a person to relax into the mind/body connection experiencing abundance in mind, body, and soul and living a joyful meaningful life.

Barb Heite is recognized as an expert on Grace and Gratitude with a Master Degree in Human Dynamics from Western International University and a Bachelor Degree in Business Management. Barb facilitates with Loving Groups a Grace and Gratitude Group to compliment the teachings of unconditional love principles. Barb also host and facilitates additional events, workshops, and dialogue practices through teaching communication skills as a Safe Conversations facilitator. She is the owner of Amor De Soi… Love Your Soul in Phoenix AZ and is a life/holistic business coach. Barb has given back to the community through her women’s group- Beautiful Mess… A Women’s Connection Group and as a facilitator with Loving Groups. She also is the creator and mentor of the leadership group Synergy Village where she guides a group of holistic entrepreneurs in building a passion into a business. In addition, Barb hosts a weekly podcast, Just Blah... Speak Up, Speak Out, & Let’s Talk About It! that focuses on unconditional loving principles and grace and gratitude practices.

Connect with Barb: www.BarbHeite.com

Our Coaches and Coaches in Training

We believe loving others is the greatest joy in the world! 

Many of our "Loving Groups Coaches in Training" have specialized niches and have been coaching and doing workshops for a long time.

CHLC's What's that?

In Loving Groups:

Certified Host/Life Coaches are in on-going training with Sharon to be a life coach and may have done some life coaching on their own. They are not certified ULLC's yet.

Suzanne Ecker

Jim Clarke

David Clark

Barb Heite

Nora Katafiasz

Susan Dufault- Graduate

Davina Mar- Graduate

As each are in training it does not mean they are taking clients already. Some are. You must inquire with them directly. Some are in training just for the experience of expanding their knowledge. Some are actively coaching. The ones listed here have their own specialties and have been actively coaching although still learning to be a ULLC.

ULLC Unconditional Loving Life Coach

Sharon Winningham, ULLC

Davina Mar 

As a Religious Science Practitioner, 
I am here to assist.
I honor the place in you, in which the Universe dwells.
I honor the place in you, which is of Love, of Light, of Truth, and of Peace.  When you are in that place in you and I am in that place in me, we are One.

Davina's Meetup
Davina Mar  808-938-8452

Affirmative Prayer 

Spiritual Mind Treatment for Mindful Freedom (by Davina Mar)

In this moment I recognize there is only one Presence, one Power, known by many names including Divine Intelligence, Great Spirit, Source, Infinite Love, and God. It is Love, Peace, Joy, Health, Harmony and Success, and I am one with It.  Every fiber, cell, and organ of my body is in alignment with this power for good and knows how to function in accordance with the blueprint of perfect health.   My mind is at peace and I live each moment as it comes, awake and aware of my innermost thoughts and surroundings.  I let go of fearful thinking, trusting that all is in divine order.  What I think about expands and I choose to focus my attention on my heart's desires, allowing anything not in core-relation to those desires to fall away and return to Source.  I trust Spirit to guide, guard and direct me with every breath and step I take.  I celebrate the steps I have taken to peace, happiness, and empowerment, and am able to see to the other side of any struggle.  With deep felt gratitude, I set myself free, letting go of past pain and any fearful thoughts of the future. I live in each now, choosing to see through the eyes of love, and I speak kindly to and of myself and others.  I release my word now, trusting that it is complete, and I rest assured, knowing it is done for the highest and best of everyone involved. And so It is.

Davina Mar, RScP

Suzanne Ecker, CHLC

About Suzanne:  I grew up in rural upstate New York, have held many different jobs, traveled a bit and ended up in Arizona studying art, then teaching ESL in the public schools.  I have been on a purposeful spiritual path since 1990 learning from a Siddha guru.  Since 2011, I have been a student of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha*, my beloved spiritual father, studying Soul Healing and Soul Communication.  Assisting you on your soul journey may consist of discussions about karma, reincarnation, and the soul, although  you need not believe in them to participate and receive benefits.

In 2011, I began studying Real Love principals set forth by Dr. Greg Baer, helping people to identify their unproductive behaviors that preclude them from feeling loved unconditionally and from being able to offer unconditional love.  I currently have an involvement in the Loving Groups community in Phoenix led by Sharon Winningham, as a group host and personal coach.

Suzanne Ecker 480-335-1023

Tempe, AZ 

Leader Indianapolis, IN


Why Us?

We have committed our lives to helping others.  

For many people, the key missing ingredient to their lives is the simple experience of unconditional love. Beyond our material possessions, families, relationships, and careers, each of us quietly seeks the feeling and embodiment of love.

As we move about in our daily routines, faced with ever-increasing issues of stress and challenge, fear and doubt, a soft inner voice is speaking to us. This is the voice of deeper truth and reason.

There is another way, another path. It is a path paved with the conscious use of love. It is going beyond personal love into the realm of unconditional love. It is the recognition that all life deserves love regardless of its appearance or actions. All life is sacred despite any illusion to the contrary.

It is with this recognition that we can affect amazing change in our lives, both personal and global. In fact, right this moment you are affecting life just by your current attitudes, perspectives, thoughts, and feelings. What if you decided to view life with love?

Let's make love a choice and let's make it popular by our word, deed and action. Begin with yourself by loving yourself and then share it with everyone and everything around you. Sound simple? It is.

Love requires no special talent, skill or knowledge. It is held within each of us every moment. We need only realize it is ever present and available to invoke its gift. When we choose love, we receive and share in the beauty of life itself. Sometimes we just need a little help from our friends to get there.